Bundesliga Albstadt

Last year I crossed the finishline in German Albstadt with goosebumps all over my body, adrenaline rush in my ears, sneaking cramps in my legs and arms raised high finishing 4th. It was only my third race in the Bundesliga and at the same time my first podium spot. I cheered like a winner, because I felt like one. I was filled with joy and confidence and started to realize, that I had the potential to go all the way to the top. I soon accentuated this with a victory in Wetter shortly after.

This year I was lucky to start in the frontline due to my victory in the last round of the Bundesliga in Heubach. At my side were standing strong riders like Lisi Osl and Sabine Spitz, who last year battled for victory. I expected this years race to repeat that scenary, not yet knowing my part af the play – only hoping for a leading role. 

The conditions this year was slightly tougher with lots of rain, mud and slippery downhills. I didn’t have the opportunity to train on the course with all the mud, because the rain just started pouring down that very morning. Still I was very excited to race and felt strong and focused as the gun went off!

After crossing a large open space the course went in to a brutal uphill, which soon tore the field apart. Just what I like 😉 At the front Anja Gradl and Elisabeth Brandau set the pace and at my back wheel Sabine Spitz and Lisi Osl were riding strongly. Anja suffered from a mechanical problem at the highest point of the course and had to let go. Soon Sabine and Lisi showed their experience and got a gap at the end of the downhill just before going into the second lap with me chasing in third position. At the end of the second lap Lisi suffered from a flat tire and I passed her at the tecnical zone, where she changed her wheel. At the killer uphill she once again showed her strong climbing skills and soon cathed up with me. I forced myself to stick to her wheel, but soon felt like exploding if continuing in her pace. I had to let go and focused on my own pace instead.

All the sudden I sensed Elisabeth Brandau ( who just won Trans Germany last week) from behind gaining in on me and she managed to catch my wheel in the uphill. In the following downhill I was able to once again get a gap on her. Now the rain was really pouring down and a few of the downhills were as slippery as inclined dancefloors cowered with soap! Still don’t know what dance floors are doing in the forest 😉 I managed to get through and on the very last round I pushed the hardest I could in the uphills and mud surfed my way down. The two girls up front I couldn’t catch, but I managed to get a good gap on Elisabeth Brandau and placed a solid third!

I am very pleased with my podium spot and hopefully next year I can once again take one or two steps up the podium!

After this round of the Bundesliga I’m leading the overall series and hopefully I can keep this lead after the last round in Saalhausen at the end of september.

Right now I am preparing for the European Championships in Israel at the beginning of July. Before that I will do the National Championships on the road. Even though I will be training a lot while doing the road races I know I will do well there too.

See you out there 🙂

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  1. Klaus Bach says:

    Once again: You are the best:-)

  2. annika says:

    takker, -og ja, der var godt nok mange studenter, der fejrede det

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