… guess, I have to call myself a road racer too



Happy, excited, relieved and wondering what just happened (Photo: Maria Kruse)

And now – my version of what happened this weekend! National champ in Time Trial and Road Racing

I don’t know where to start – this weekend of road racing really turned out to be a fabulous succes for me. Before entering I for sure had hoped and aimed for a top podium spot. An enourmous lack of experience was my greatest concern, but in the end it all turned out in my favour.

First of all I want to thank my team Odder CK, – a bunch of cool girls and great team leaders!.. All putting great trust in me – it feels so good to show, that they were right, when they saw my potential.

Time Trial (photo: Troels Langvad)


Thursday were kicked of with Time Trial; 25 km of pure power and focus! I knew I was able to do really good in this discipline. During my warm up I could already feel, that my legs were really good! 

The start almost ended up chaos. 100 meters after the start, the course crossed a road. The people, who controlled the traffic weren’t able to hold back the traffic, and a car slipped in just in the middle of my way and in panic the driver hit the brakes and totally blocked my way! I had to brake as well, but luckily I could pas the car – with the driver trying to figure out what was going on. Yes you ARE in the middle of a time trial race!.. Luckely I didn’t spend much energy on the bad start, but instead focused on what was in front of me!

I found a good rythm out there very quick and soon a good song found it’s way into my head. I just repeated the stupid chorus over and over again in my head. On my Garmin I could see, that my heart rate was way above my normal race level, but I let the feeling in my legs decide how fast I went. It’s amazing what a adrenaline rush can do! All the time I knew, that I had great support just behind me, and it felt good to know. On the way out I had tall wind and at the turning point the course went along the same road – with a solid headwind. The course had many hills, so it suited me well! The total race time was way below normal race time for me ( mountainbike races are 1h30 – 1h45 ) so I just gave it all and hoped for the best. I was second to start, so I had absolutely no idea about how fast the other girls would go and no idea about what time to beat. Crossing the finishline I could only wait for my judgment. My family had showed up to support me, it was really great crossing the line and being greeted by them.

With all the riders on the course the speaker announced, that my split time at 13 km was the best with almost a minute and then I started to realize, that victory was coming closer. Soon all riders had passed the finishline and my time was really, really good 2 minutes ahead of second and third place. (2nd: Trine Schmidt (Team Hitec Products – UCK), 3rd: Maria Grandt (Team Hitec Products – UCK))

Podium Time Trial (photo: Frank Rud Jensen)


Saturday it was time to go tactical in the Road Race. Before the start a strategy for our team was created, not knowning the amount of agendas in the peloton. Team Hitec Products – UCK would be our stongest opponent with the time trial podium finishers Maria and Trine. 7 laps on the course gave us 107km of racing to find the winner!

From the beginning of the race our team set the pace with Nikoline attacking and the bunch following her wheel. Soon we hit a smaller road with headwind, where a team attacked with a rider and the rest of the team blocking the front, so nobody could follow the attacker. Once again Nikoline showed her force and used her cross cycling skills simply passing the wall of riders in the grass along the road. Tearing the field apart!.. Way to go!

More riders attacked and soon a small group had formed in front of the field with a distance of 1 minut ahead. None of the title favorites were out there, so still I toke it easy. The Hitec girls started to show force, constantly attacking and reattacking! Everytime I managed to close the gap and they never got away.

With 2 laps to go the race started to come to an end. In front of us there still was a group of 11 riders. My teammate Julie Leth and me started to work hard to catch up with the group. I put in all my force and we were a few riders leaving the bunch and catching the front. Now I was where I wanted to be and started feeling relaxed.

Good job! (Photo: Martin Bæk)


On the very last lap with 7 km to go I attacked hard and got away with 3 riders on my wheel including my teammate Trine Lorenzen, who all day had been doing a great job at the front. Neither of the Hitec girls had come along and I knew, I was the strongest rider in our group. We kept the pace and got a good gap. On the climbs I kept on attacking and got away. In my ear (radio contact) my teamleaders were cheering like crazy and the motivation was kept high. I focused on keeping high speed and was informed, that my gap was only getting bigger. At this moment, I knew I could make it. This feeling is fantastic and at the same time very fragile! I talked to myself, complimenting myself and enjoyed the last kilometers to the finishline, where I could raise my arms high!

Finishline! (photo: Troels Langvad)


Now I am resting and trying to cope the experiences of the weekend. I have very mixed feelings. Mostly I am happy! On the other side, this road racing was not really a season goal for me, so the fact, that it all went so well is kind of strange. Nothing is greater than working hard for your goals and then reach them. This is the other way around – a great goal has been reached, without really dreaming about it. I think, that within short time, I’ll be seeing things in a clearer light. Once thing is for sure; this season’s maingoals on the mountainbike remains, and hopefully I’ll reach them 🙂

Next week I’m going to Israel for the European Championships, keep on going!

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  1. Lasse says:

    Du er for sej Annika!!

    Hilsen Lasse Sørensen:-)

  2. Hej Annika. Tillykke tillykke! Glæder mig til at ses i løbet af sommerferien! Dejlig læsning og hvor er det flot du bliver ved og ved! KH Dorthe

    • annika says:

      Heiiiii Dårde! Er du klar på Settlers dyst i denne uge? Har snakket med Lauge om på onsdag

  3. Lars (træner i OCK:) says:

    Hej Annika.

    Tillykke med weekendens sejre. Det er sgu dobbelt flot. Tankevækkende, at en MTB’er kan komme ud af det blå og sætte dagsordenen i landevejs race:-)
    Keep on going girl:-)

    • annika says:

      Hej Lars 🙂

      Tak. Ja, mtb er hård, sjov og effektiv træning. Det giver i hvert fald lidt mere overskud på de smalle ringe 😉

      / A

  4. Helle Q says:

    Kære Annika!
    Tillykke med dine super flotte sejre på vejen – fantastisk at komme hjem fra ferie og læse dine beretninger. Ikke at de gode nyheder ikke allerede var kommet ned til os i Frankrig – det var de sefølli ;o) Det undrer mig ikke at du tager alt guld i landevej – imponerende og super godt gået!!
    Vi ses i Varde!
    Helle Q

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