Danish Champion!!


Danish Champion 2010 (Foto: René Delauran Mølgaard Andersen)


Luckily I don’t have to change my wardrobe this year. I’ll keep on riding in the red/white jersey for another year 🙂I for sure knew, that the jersey would be mine this year, if I just did a great race without any mechanical issues. That being my mainfocus I started my race, flying up the looong startclimb, beginning my chase for the male riders in front of me, motivated by the competition.

Unfortunately the women’s field was so small, that it was almost silly that this race was ranked as a national championship. For me it ment, that I spared a lot af mental race-energy, that I’m sure will pay off later on this season with many great races to come ( World Championship MTB XCO, World Championship MTB XCM and the World Championships on the road – Yes, I’m going to defend the danish colours in Australia at the beginning of october, mainfocus on the TimeTrial, but also doing the roadrace!)

The racecourse in Blåbjerg was was one of the greatest danish courses, that I’ve been riding for a long time. It was pretty technical and tough too and demanded concentration for maintaining speed. I was back on my DT swiss carbon rims, that I couldn’t use in Israel last week due to the many rocks, which calls for the heavier tubeless setup. My DT swiss carbon rims are the best pair of wheels, that I’ve ever been riding. They are light and very stiff, and I rarely have the feeling of bad legs, while riding them. That’s why I only use them for competitions – otherwise they’ll loose their magic!

Without the pressure from my competitors I rode the course feeling relaxed in the bikehandling and strong in the easy parts. After 1h30m of riding I crossed the finishline with a margin of 15minutes to second place. 

Crossing the finishline!.. Forgot what I'm pointing at 😉 (Photo: Kristina Møller)

Thanks for all the cheering at the race. It completely felt like racing at a the German Bundesliga or a WorldCup climbing up the tough Rævebjerg!

Enjoy icecreams, beachsand in your bed and post-race heavy legs

– Annika

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