Back at the World Cup Circus

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Soon I can’t remember my name, what language I speak or where I am.

Okay, right now I’m sitting in the garden of my hotel in München (or so I think – the street in front of the hotel could be red light district or Istedgade in Copenhagen). Watching an Indian guy eating his noodles and a chinese woman eating her rice. So in fact this place could be anywhere.

This weekend I went to race the World Cup in Italy and that was pretty cool.I’ve come to learn, that when my preparations and planning for a race are a little out of my control or happen in a way, that I didn’t calculate, I often end up doing good in the race. I think that’s pretty funny, and I still haven’t found out why. Maybe the level of adrenaline just gets higher and I thrive of that while spinning my pedals.

Unfortunately I was the only Dane going to this world cup race. I grab the chance to travel with the support of a German team, who kindly offered to support me during the race and letting my stay with them. Danke! 😉

We arrived at our appartment after a beautiful roadtrip through the valleys of Südtirol. In my life I have never seen so many appletrees in one place! Almost every square inch of the valleys was covered with appletrees. I imagine, this place must look like Nangijala when the trees are blooming.

Friday we went training on the course. First I had to spend some time getting my brakes and later my derailleur fixed with help from the great SRAM support. I did get to spin a few rounds at the course though, but I certainly prefer to have more than one day to get to know the course. But this time it didn’t really annoy me. I was just happy to be able to do the race at all, the alternative being not going.

As for the race, I this time started in fourth row, ranked 30. Not bad – the fact that I missed the last World Cup in Champéry had set me back in the general classification. When the commisaires announced “3 minutes to the start” and started the count down, my mind went back to race mode and I really felt the excitement of being back in the world cup. When the startgun went off, I did my best to fight my way forward. I really have an improvement waiting for me here.

After the startloop I had fallen back maybe 10 places and still battled to catch up with the riders in front of me. Soon we hit the first gruelling extremely steep climbs and I was able to work my way forward. Normally I am a big fan of climbs, but on the second of the four laps my legs were almost exploding, due to too much riding over my limit. I had to slow down to recover a little and was soon passed by way too many riders. Frustrating! On the third round I found my rythm and started to feel good, unfolding my legs on the climbs and accepting the fact, that it hurt like h…! On the final lap I worked my way back to 22nd spot and crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on my face! That was great! And together with my 22nd spot in the world cup in Dalby Forest my best World Cup result this far. I know, I can do better, and I will do that!

Now, the Indian guy and the Chinese woman have finished eating and have left. In fact, the chef has now taken their seat, drinking a beer and having a smoke. I think, I’ll leave too.

take care, and return later – I’ll find some pictures from the race 🙂

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  1. Rune says:

    Flot kørt – og en fin fortælling! Du må ud med albuerne i starten næste gang 😉


  2. Michael Langvad says:

    Tillykke med resultatet -og godt kommet tilbage i kampen 🙂

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