Good legs!

Enjoying the track (photo: Jens Thomasberg)

Lately I’ve been feeling tired and I’ve been lacking this extra level you need for racing, but this sunday I finally felt like racing in the “zone” and that was awesome! So good, so good!

I guess my latest results haven’t been showing the fact, that my racemode has been a little absent. Well, when it all comes down to it, results are just numbers on a piece of paper ( No, nowadays more correctly pixels on a screen). What really matters for me is still the feeling of the race and what goes through my head while racing (yes, this talk about feelings is maybe very girlish, but I am a girl, so I can’t help it;). I totally loove, when the kick of racing makes me forget everything about pain in the legs.

powering away (photo: Jens Thomasberg)

This sunday the 4th round of the Danish Shimanoliga was held in Frederiksværk on the most awesome track, which just got even better from the extreme masses of rain, that fell during the night. The traction was perfect!

I decided to go full speed from the beginning, since this could be a good chance to practice start speed, which I think I have to improve. The women’s field started 1 minute after the junior men and 2 minutes after the elite men. So catching the guys in front of me was my great motivation. After a lactate saturated start, my body awoke and obeyed my demands for maintaining speed. Great! Let’s go..! I knew, that we only had to do four laps on the 5,8km course and that made me go in the very high end of race speed. I felt great on the climbs and was able to keep on pushing.

After finishing, I was happy with my effort and much later in the evening, when I was supposed to sleep, my body was still in race mode and not able to sleep. Then you know, that you have given it all!

Now I am preparing for the last important races of the season. Next thursday we are going to the U.S. and Canada for the last world cup and the world championships. At the end of september I am going to Melbourne to do the World Championships on the road. That means that right now I am shifting between my mountainbike, my timetrial bike and road racer for training. Some girls trouble their minds in the morning, what shoes to wear, I just have to choose between my bikes ūüėČ

Maybe I know, why my mind was so determined for racing this weekend. On friday, I went out with some great people wearing my magic heels and that kind of reset mind!.. keep ’em coming

4 Responses to “Good legs!”

  1. Klaus Bach says:

    I love your legs:-) And hope they show there fineste in US and Canada.

  2. Kmann says:

    You’re always in the “Awesome zone” thats for sure ‚Äď good luck overseas!

  3. Christian Poulsen says:

    I¬īve seen the magic heels – They kick ass!!

  4. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Okay Kassen, hvis du kan s√• f√• dine f√łdder ud af pedalerne og ned i stiletterne herover p√• tirsdag! S√• lover jeg at du (n√¶sten) er flyvende torsdag. KH

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