World Cupping in Windham

It’s only few hours post-race, so this post will be a mixture of tiredness and emotions..

I finished at 27th spot today, which would have been so much better, if it wasn’t for a stupid mistake and a lot of misfortune.

I started in the third row and made a killer start! My foot hit the pedal in the right way, I pushed the pedals, felt strong and found myself at the front group going into the first lap. WOW!.. That’s the way it should be!

After the first lap I was in 15th position and managed to catch even more riders in the second lap, finding myself in 12th spot on my way to the third lap.

But then!.. On a rocky path I fell on the side and another rider fell on my bike and hit the sensitive parts – front and rear derailleur!! I continued, but all the sudden the rear derailleur got stuck with the chain and twisted, so that it didn’t work anymore! No, no, no, that just didn’t happen!

I rolled the last km downhill to the techzone, sure that my race was over!

In the tech-zone my supporter, Kristian helped me straighen things out by pulling things into their normal position. I was eagered to continue and I did my very best to turn on the race-mode once again. With the gears working very badly I managed to climb to the top once again and spend lots of time telling myself all the good reasons to actually finish the race. Slowly I caught up riders, while finding the best way to work my gear and ended my race.

Afterwards I was both happy and frustrated. Frustrated because I knew, I would have made my best WorldCup result today. Somewhere between 15 and 20.

Happy because there were so many good things about the race. I made a pretty, pretty good start and first rounds. I didn’t give up. I think I rode well in the downhill sections, when I started to relax and didn’t let my movements being controlled by the frustrations! And I think my shape is good at the moment.

Right now I’m feeling confident and I’m soooo looking forward to show what I’ve got! In a week the world championships will be kicked off in Monte st. Anne in Canada.

Developing as a mountainbiker is like a puzzle made up from pieces, constantly being added. Today I think I added some essential pieces!

Last but not least, my teammate Jonas Pedersen today won his race in the men junior category! That was just so cool! He did an outstanding race and soloed to victory! I knew, he could and today he really showed his worth!

No post without pictures – here’s one from the mens race

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  1. Hanne Panduro says:

    Uhh.. looks nice and dry :)… I just survived the Birkenbeiner race in Norway… 5 degrees and tons of rain… that was the end of the summer

    Good luck in Canada

  2. Christian Poulsen says:


  3. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Bedre held næste gang – og holder modet oppe! KH Dorthe

  4. Michael Langvad says:

    Håber du har krudt i benene og materiellet holder til målstregen. Pøj – Pøj på lørdag ☺

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