Ready for the world championship

Less than 24 hours to go and I’m really excited!The toughest part about this world championship is the waiting. We’ve been here in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada since monday and now I just want to get started with the race. I’ve spent the days training a little, relaxing, eating, watching a lot of DVD’s (I’m really hooked on O.C. and Prison Break – it’s really great mind escaping! Prison Break might be a little too creepy just before bedtime. It sometimes make me nervous about turning the light off ;))

I was really looking forward to see the course when arriving in Canada, since it should be pretty technical. I must say, I was positively surprised with my first impressions, since the course didn’t cost me any problems. Maybe I’ve just improved my skills or maybe I just have got more confidence, which makes me ride better.

The whole week it has been extremely hot! Together with the high air humidity it feels like 40 degrees C. Last night it rained a lot and today it was a cooler, which my body really liked! I’ve come to learn, that I loose some of my power, when the weather is too hot! I’m more into the scandinavian weather.

Tomorrow they’ve predicted rain as well, so we’ll see about that. The rain during last night only made the track better, since it had gone extremely worn from all the rides! I went training with norwegian Gunn-Rita Dahle and got a few tips for the course. After today I feel like I’m going to top mentally and physically tomorrow! If you want to follow me live saturday, tune in on at 17 o’clock C.E.T.

Enjoy free goods, awesome fall weather and well shaved legs

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