Broken finger, what’s next?

I’m now back in Denmark after the world championships in Canada. Overall I managed to finish 19th with a broken finger!

Honestly I’ve found it very diffucult to say anything positive about the race and that’s the reason for this late update. During the race I hit the baluster of a bridge against¬†my hand and broke a finger. I didn’t know it was broken and just continued, focused on my race. I for sure did have some problems holding the handlebar when the course got too bumpy because of the pain, but kind of didn’t pay attention to it. I found it very difficult to maintain good riding during the race and I don’t think it was because of the finger solely. The whole night and morning before the race it had rained cats and dogs and the fact that I chose not to ride a difficult rocky section, which was extremely steep and slippery, made me feel like a bad mountainbiker. I now know, that was very silly, since only few women actually rode this section. It was just because during training I rode that part with no difficulties at all..

After the race I put some ice on my hand and didn’t have great pain. It wasn’t until the evening, when my hand started swelling, that we went to the hospital for some x-rays. Here the doctor told me, that he didn’t know, whether it needed surgery or not and that left me in total despair until my arrival in Denmark monday morning, where I went straight from the airport to the hospital to get new x-rays. After 4 hours of waiting I was finally told, that surgery wasn’t necessary and just then my mind started to work again with the relief! The day was only saved by flowers from my boyfriend ūüėČ

Exhausted and jetlagget I have tried to find the daily routines again with lots of work at my studium. Today I was so absentminded, that I missed a lesson. Simply forgot to go there.. Hmm – that’s unlike me!..

I feel very frustrated right now, as I’m supposed to prepare for the road world championships at the end of september. I’ve decided to skip training this week, because it only makes me more frustrated not being able to train properly. Friday I’m going to see a doctor again and hopefully it’ll be more clear, if it will be okay to train and how.

I will work on some good vibes until my next post ūüôā

Keep your slippers on and hold your nail brush and potato peeler in your right hand till then…

2 Responses to “Broken finger, what’s next?”

  1. Rune says:

    You are everything but a bad mountainbiker… Awesome of you to finish the race with that finger.

    Fast healing and good vibes from me.


  2. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Meget ærligt indlæg. Hold modet og kampen og dampen oppe og god bedring med hånden. KH Dorthe

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