End of season?

I’m not going to the World Championships on the road in Australia after all. Due to my broken finger it was very difficult to make the necessary preparations and so the decision was not to go. A World Championship demands for the best possible preparations, otherwise it is not worth going.

It was a tough decision and that left me with the feeling “was that really it, is my season over?”

Since my returning from Canada a few weeks ago, I’ve been really busy with my studies, so luckely that has filled in the emptiness, that might otherwise would have been. The doctors have adviced me not to train on my mountainbike for another week and a half, so right now I spend the sparse time I have for training at spinning classes and doing some weight lifting. With all the rain, a sore hand and diffuculties to brake I found it dangerous to go on the road.

When I’m able to ride properly, I hope to find a race to end my season! In that way, I’m the one to decide when my season is over and not an accident, that forces me to it..

Enjoy fall colors and windy sunshine 🙂

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  1. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Uh, det er jeg ked af at høre! På den anden side, hvis ikke du kan træne er du velkommen til at komme hernede og restituere med belgisk chokolade, belgisk øl, belgiske vafler, hvis det kunne friste:)

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