2011 Team Easton Rockets

Next season I’ll be an Easton Rocket!.. I’m thrilled to join my new team and I’m really looking forward to new adventuresMy focus will be the German Bundesliga, the WorldCups and the big Championships. The imagination of myself smoothly flying the WorldCup courses will be on my mind all winter bringing sense to those hours spend on training.

I haven’t been doing a single race since the World Championship at the beginning of september in Canada. This makes the motivation for preparation even bigger. Actually it has been kind of nice to engage more in life not dealing with cycling. Just to be reminded that I’m talented in more aspects of life than cycling. I want 2011 to be a season of balance between racing, travelling, training and living. That’s the way to make it all a synergy. The better life, the better mind, the more true reason to live as a cyclist. Well, as you see, I’ve had some time lately to reflect about the season, that just finished. I know that being on Easton Rockets is the right choise for a setup, where balance is possible.

The concept of the Olymipic Games is mooving closer. It’s the first time, I have to relate to that. When I started making great results, people soon asked me about the Olympics preassuming, that of course that must be a goal for me. Well, not really. First of all, I want to feel improvement. That’s my drive. A sideeffect hereof will be the fact, that I’m able to qualify for the Olympics! And I know myself well enough to know, that if I have to work hard to make the qualification, that will be a huge motivation for me making me work even harder!

For now, stay tuned, my motivation the reoccupy in blogging has returned 🙂

2 Responses to “2011 Team Easton Rockets”

  1. Eddi says:

    Hallo Annika

    freut mich fĂĽr dich das Du ein neues Team gefunden hast!
    Und eine sehr schöne Website hast Du auch!!
    Sieht sehr professionell aus.
    Ich freue mich Dich nächstes Jahr wieder zu sehen.
    Viele liebe GrĂĽĂźe

    • annika says:

      Hallo Eddi!

      Danke sehr! Ich hoffe, dass es dir gut geht.

      Ich freue mich auch daran. Wir sehen uns wieder in MĂĽnsingen

      Lg, Annika

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