Muddy mud surfing

Photo: Mikkel Pagh

Last time I rode my bike in a bike race was at the World Championships in Canada. Now, more than three months later it was time to put a number plate on the handlebar once again

Even though the SlushCup is just for fun and training I really like this race series – actually it is because of the aim of racing with no pressure or expectations, that I like it. Each round of the Cup attracts approx. 500 participants, which is quite a lot for a Danish race.

It is now time to start wintertraining with more focus on distance and strength. I really do hope that winter this year will bring less snow!.. Anyway, I’ll be prepared: My new cyclo cross-bike from FUJI just landed and as soon I can, I’ll go for a ride! This will be my first time ever on a cross bike, this will be a funny alternative for training during winter. FUJI has some nice stuff; check it out here and look forward to see me racing the trails next year on the nice frames!

FUJI cross bike

The last time has been spend on planning some training camps for the winter. I’ll go to La Santa, Lanzarote at the end of January. The temperature and environment is perfect there. Already I’m looking forward to the sun

A month later I’ll go to Cyprus for a few weeks to train and to participate in the Cyprus Sunshine Cup.

But till then, I’ll just keep on mudsurfing 🙂

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