Tisvilde Fall Race

“Fall Race” turned out to be more “winter race”!.. The beautiful forest near the coast of Tisvilde got covered in snow just a few days before the race, so everywhere there was the virginity of untouched snow.Before the race I wished I’d brought my skies instead. Or more correctly – I wish I had some skies that I could bring for the weather conditions in Denmark at the moment. I already look forward going to the Island of sunshine Lanzarote in January!

The race turned out to be pretty cool though 😉 And by cool I mean cold! Shivering before the start, I decided to keep most of my clothes on, also meaning 4 pairs of pants (bib, 2 long tights and rainpants). Halfway through the race I had to stop to make a “superman move”. Letting go of the outer layer and feeling a little easier to move. Maybe training in way to much clothes is the best training tip during winter? Another tip could be riding on flat tires to get some more power training? (by the way – that was NOT my intention, when I rode the last 5 km on a flat tire!.. My tire suddenly split 10 cm open and since I only brought spare tube and not spare tire, I had no other options..)

Feel free to share some of your winter training tips, now that I’ve told some of mine 😉

The weather forecast says more snow – I think hitting the gym will be a hit in the nearest future 🙂

Take care and be careful throwing snowballs – have you heard, they are about to put fines on that?…

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