Cyclocross national champ

Foto: Maria Kruse

On my FUJI cyclocross bike I rode my way to the national cyclocross title!This winter I’ve been doing a little Cyclocross racing to try something new and get some variation in my training. Cyclocross in fact is quite tecnical since you have no wide tires nor suspension on the bike. It reqiures skills such as cornering, being explosive and smooth ascending, descending and running uphill stairs with the bike on your shoulder.

The race itself turned out the way I expected it to. I let some of the other girls take the lead from the start and as soon as the speed decreased I went in front and rode my race from there. Some parts of the track were really icy, some really muddy, but no snow! I miss spring and I miss my new mountainbike. This crossing has just made me even more sure, that it’s on the mountainbike I belong, I just love it ūüėČ

In less than two weeks I’ll be enjoying the sun on La Santa, Lanzarote


2 Responses to “Cyclocross national champ”

  1. Michael Langvad says:

    Sikke en flot sæson start, -ny kategori og et nyt DM Tillykke.

  2. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Hej Kassen
    Er det dit varemærke at bide i medaljer? Eller er det tandlægen der lige tester karaten og bisserne?? Glæder mig til at få misundelsesværdig opdatering fra det varme La Santa:)

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