Here we go again, Cyprus

So, now I’m back at Cyprus doing my preparations for the season like last year. I really enjoy it!..For the first time I’m travelling with my new team (Easton Rockets). We stay at an appartment in Voroklini with plenty of space for hanging out, relaxing, cooking and just being ( there’s a nice terrace covering the whole roof, which makes the perfect atmosphere for breakfast). For the moment we are three riders (Tatjana, Lukas and me) and our Teammanager, Bernhard. Lukas was really unlucky during training the day before the race and had to go to the hospital for some stitches. Yesterday he was back on the bike and full motivated for racing the stagerace coming up this weekend. Tatjana and I have had a great time training together. It is SO great finally riding with another girl. We share many aspects of life, which just are different from the way guys think. It motivates both of us, and I look forward to share more racemoments with her.

During my stay here, I’ll race the Sunshine Cup, which I also raced last year. The race series stared yesterday with a normal XCO race. Next weekend will be a stage race (friday, saturday and sunday) and the weekend after, the final race will be yet another XCO race.

At the race yesterday, I really kicked ass!.. From a physical test a few weeks ago, I know, that my shape for the moment is quite good. And that clearly showed!.. I ended up racing on my own at the front, winning with a margin of 5 minutes. The best part of the race was my new bike. Even though I’m not yet racing with the race setup, it’s a beast. I’ve never felt more confident on a bike.

Kristine Nørgaard usually a marathoner, my compatriot, took third place. She was overexcited with her first ever international XCO result. She’ll also be racing more XCO races this season and is motivated after this result.

Today was an easy spin on the bike. I also did some doctor work on my body removing stitches from removal of moles. The doctor told me, that two weeks of no physical activity would be the best for the healing up.. Well, compared to the other scars on my body, I think it looks just perfect 🙂

Hope you are doing great, thanks for dropping by!

Thanks to Cyprus Sunshine Cup for nice photos

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  1. Henrik Andersen says:

    Fandme godt – imponerende som du fortsætter sin udvikling.
    Gi den gas:-)

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