Back in Denmark

Photo: Marius Maasewerd

Less than 24 hours after having raced a superb race on Cyprus I’m back to dentistry on my School in Copenhagen. My patient suffering from periodontitis not having any idea about, what performances I’m cabable of on a bike. He’s just happy with me taking care of his illness. I feel a little like Super(wo)man having two identities. Absolutely loving it!..

Almost three weeks flew by on the sunny island of Cyprus. I enjoyed the time there getting to know my new team and also getting a clue of my level this year so far. In the eyes of everybody else, I’ve stepped up since last year. In my own perspective, it’s difficult to feel the improvements, since I’m seeing things in my perspective 24-7. The only real difference I for sure feel, is the believe in the fact, that I have the skills and the gift to go all the way to the top.

Photo: Andi Gilgen

The race yesterday was a tough one. The climbs getting even steeper and the descends loose grounded and filled with dust hidden rocks. Once again I felt symbiotic with my bike.

The race was a four-lap long adventure. The startloop was a nice stretchy one. The pace was set by girls in the front, and I followed along. As soon as we hit the first obstacle, my body eagered to get going and I pushed the pace. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that I easily got a small gap. Then I decided to just go ahead and see, what would happen. Well, I never got caught again..

Photo: Andi Gilgen

The awardceremony showed who had the most bartending skills 😉

Photo: Andi Gilgen

Photo: Andi Gilgen

My next race will be the first round of the Bundesliga in Münsingen in the middle of April. I’ll hide behind glasses, my suit and job at the Daily Planet until then 😉

3 Responses to “Back in Denmark”

  1. Mette K says:

    Hej Annika. Fedt at læse om Cypern! Jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til vi ses og skal stå sammen på startlinjen:-). Som altid må du sige til, hvis du kommer til Silkeborg og er klar på noget træning! Knus, Mette.

  2. Ditte says:

    Hey Annika
    Fedt at læse om din totalt overlegne indsats på Cypern – du er bare så sej. Håber vi får dig lidt at se herhjemme også, selvom du skal ud og erobre verden 🙂
    Kh Ditte

    • annika says:

      Hej Ditte og Mette 🙂

      Vi ses til cykelløb i det danske! Ude godt, hjemme bedst, især Silkeborg 😉

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