Soon the season will begin

.. and I’m so looking forward to that! I really miss racing!

Today I did some physical testing, and I felt a little like the little guy above. No brain, just hard work!There’s still some weeks before the first real race of the season, which will be the first round of the German Bundesliga in Münsingen. Last year my race in Münsingen ended in the very first lap due to an unfixable mechanical problem. That won’t happen this year. A fews days after the race, we’ll be heading to South Africa for the first round of the World Cup!

Now, I’m just sparing up race-energy, wroom, wroom!

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  1. Andriew says:


    Have a respect to hamsters! Look at that:
    Are you aiming on World championships in marathon this year? Last year you were really close to the top (3 minutes is like nothing compared to eternity):)

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