Münsingen Bundesliga!

That was a tight fight! I took second place at the first round of the Bundesliga today. I’m happy about the result, knowing I was strong enough to take victory. Good start of the season though

Standing at the startline, flashbacks crossed my mind. Just two years ago, the Bundesliga in Münsingen was my first ever international XCO race and I was so nervous! Today I was more calm, knowing that I now have the level to ride at the front, and that makes fun 🙂 I was even considering repeating the same mantra as two years ago: “this will be cool, this will be cool!” But as soon, as the gun went off today, I focused more on the start of the race instead.

From the very start I felt able to place myself where I wanted, and ended up in the front group consisting of 4 riders. The team colleges Elisabeth Brandau and Sabine Spitz from Central Haibike and Klemencic from Felt X-bionic. Of course the team colleges rode tactically, but I was able to neutralize their attemps to get away. In fact I was feeling really great the first 3 or 4 laps (out of 6). Then I made a mistake in a very tight corner and crashed. The other girls put down the hammer and all the sudden I had to close a gap of 30 seconds! Phew! I made it! In the last lap Elisabeth Brandau and I got away and really had a tight fight to the finishline constantly passing each other. Unfortunately she just passed me in the last possible corner and I had to settle for second place.

I got some good experiences from the race, which I rode in another way, than what I usually do ( not just hammering away from the start).

In a few days, we’ll be heading off to South Africa for the first round of the World Cup. I’m excited! Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Line says:

    tillykke med 2. pladsen. sejt kørt.

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