Friendly people

When I go for training rides, I rarely talk to the people I pass on my way. Mostly because it goes so fast ūüėČ On my ride yesterday I was forced to stop and change my plans for the training ride, which actually turned out to be quite a nice experience and a reminder..

When I train, I almost always have an agenda for the day before I go out. ( I guess, my trainer is the one to thank :)) and so was the case for yesterday. As soon as I had finished school, I rushed home to make training before it got dark. The plan was a nice long ride on the road and I have a route, that is very beautiful and takes me far away. I went out on my new Fuji road racer and while I was riding, it slowly turned out, that the spokes on my rear wheel were not tightened. All the sudden, the wheel was so bended, that it no longer was able to run smoothly in the frame, but touched the frame with great friction. First I tried to tighten the spokes with the power of my fingers, but that quickly turned out to be quite useless…! No people, no houses, no train, no bus, no cars, no cyclists, no nothing around me. I was stucked in the middle of nowhere! On my garmin I could see, that I was about 60km from home, somewhere north of Roskilde. First I wanted to call a taxi, but then I started considering how expensive that would be, and thought, h… no!.. I threw the bike on my shoulder and started walking, luckily the sun was still shining, and I knew, I would find a solution soon.

Finally a car turned up behind me, and I put my thumb out. It passed! Some 5 minutes later another car turned up, and it stopped!.. It was a very old man in a very small car, where my bike would not fit in. I thanked him for stopping, but continued my hitchhiking. The very next car also stopped ( yes, it MIGHT be an advantage to be a blond, innocent looking girl ). A woman my mothers age offered to take me to the nearest village. I happily jumped into the car. When we arrived, a bus just rolled in. I waved to the busdriver, who stopped and rushed his direction. Running to the bus, I remembered, that I only had creditcard and no cash. The busdriver had mercy, and let me in anyway. He was in very good mood, since his work day would end when we arrived at Roskilde. We chit chatted on the way, and it seemed he enjoyed some company in the almost empty bus.

When arriving in Roskilde, my journey home was far from over. Next step, the train to Copenhagen. I was really starting to freeze now, since I my clothes was wet and I just dreamt about a hot shower. 40 minutes later I was finally home!

First I was really annoyed, that I had spend my training time in car, bus and train. My day was planned to the very last minute to make both school and training.¬†Well, that’s life!.. Then I started thinking about how helpful the people on my way had been. My point is just, that I sometimes forget to appreciate the small things in my eager to make it to the world top.

Share the friendlyness, the smiles and the helpfullness and make the world a better place ūüėČ

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  1. Lee Koo Chul says:

    I and my wife are retired people living in Seoul Korea. We are planning to visit the Scandinavian countries this summer with our folding bikes, Bromptons. Our plan is to visit Denmark from the 22nd June to 29th of June.
    I found that there is a bike ride event for Roskilde Music Festival on the 25th of June Saturday. While searching the route for this bike ride I happened read your posting. Share the Friendlyness. So I am writing this to share the friendlyness. I also liked Michael Jackson’s . Thank you.

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