World Cup Off

Back to racing in Offenburg. 3 consecutive weekends of racing! I need to reload now!These 3 last weeks have been a blast. Winning in Saalhausen and taking 2nd at the World Cup in England was incredible, but took pretty much of my energy. The result was me beeing really tired and nervous in Offenburg. Stepping up literally in every race this spring, I knew had to come to and end and so it did in Offenburg.

I had problems staying focused during training saturday, which resulted in a heavy crash. I had problems sleeping at night, both from the pain and from the nerves. I knew, that the next day, I would have to stand in the spotlight once again. Front row at the start. I was not ready for this at all. And it clearly showed! When the gun went off, it felt like the start line glued me to the ground, while people rushed me by!.. From then, the pressure finally disapeared, and I was able to race with a good feeeling. But now the heavy work started catching up people. I fought the best I could, working so much harder, than what I did, when I ended up second in England. I managed to finish a great 18th spot, which after all okay.

I’m pulling the plug this week with my training. I have an exam on monday, that I’ll try to prepare for. Then school is over for the summer and I can focus more on biking 🙂 Great!

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