Upside down Canada!

Photo: Hoshi Yoshida

As easy and thrilling last weekend in Italy was, just as hard and complicated this weekend in Canada was. The preparations weren’t the best, but everything taken into account, the race went OK

I spend more time travelling last week, than relaxing and getting ready for the world cup. I got in Denmark late moday. Already wedensday I was off again. The air company in Paris had troubles getting their things running, which meant, that we didn’t catch our plane to Canada. Instead we had to spend a day more at the air port in Paris on very comfortable beds..

Well, we finally arrived in Mt. Sainte Anne the night between thursday and friday and I’m just happy, that we managed to get here including our bikes. It was just so nice to hit the shower, feeling like having been on a festival for a week without showering.

The training on friday went well. My goal for the race saturday was to get through safely and not loosing too much in the overall standing. When the gun went off, my legs were better than expected, so for the first laps I rode around 13 – 15th place. Already after the first lap, I felt the power beginning to leave the legs, and from here I just struggled the best I could. This was more a ” get through” than a race for me.

Photo: Hoshi Yoshida

Finishing 17th means, that I hold on to my 8th posistion overall, so I’ll start in front row once again at the next world cup on saturday in Windham, New York 🙂 ! If you want to watch things live, either be there or click here:

World Cup Windham, saturday 17.00 C.E.T

The best part of the weekend was, that teammate Lukas and I were able to watch the downhill races sunday. Wow, they know how to throw the bikes around the rocks and corners!..

The area here in Mt. Sainte Anne has incredible nice tracks for mountainbiking. Yesterday we got a little sneakpeak on them. Today we’ll explore more, if legs allow.

In Windham I’ll be better prepared and I’m so looking forward to actually race!

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