What a World Cup

For the second time hitting the World Cup podium! It seems like the great results just are queueing up for the moment

I was really keen on racing after recovereing from the marathon travelling first to Canada and then later on to Windham (USA). Even though we once again had troubles at the airport (Lukas’ and my luggage didn’t show up at arrival), we managed to put all that behind us and enjoyed our recidence and some post travelling sleep. The only thing that I absolutely was missing, was my toothbrush, but luckily, that wasn’t a difficult thing to buy 😉

Training at the course was a wonderful rendezvous to me, since I also raced here last year. The course suited me very well with lots of climbing.

Since this would be my last race before a summer break, I just wanted to go out there and give it all! Actually I couldn’t wait to get started. The temperature at race place was high, the sun burning and the ground getting grilled. Standing and waiting for the call up, I got a bottle of ice cold water from the swedish national team, thanks! That definately helped keeping my head cool and my thoughts clear.

For once, I had a really good start, mostly because I was able to keep pace along with the front. The course immediately went into the loong climb and here Julie Bresset and Catharina Pendrel left the bunch and rode their own race. I stayed with the chasing group, feeling strong and found a good rythm to carry me through. It pretty much stayed like this until the penultimate lap, where Marie Helene Premont attacked. I didn’t hesitate, but went straight on her rear wheel.

Going into the last lap, it got clear, that the fight for third place would come down between the two of us. She let go of the gas and then suggested to work together. Well, I really couldn’t see, what benefits that would bring, so I just focused on hammering the last energy out on the climb. She clearly faded. On the top only a few km’s of downhill was left. I rode as relaxed as I could, not wanting to throw the results of my work away. Going into the last 500 meters I looked back and then I knew, it was home safe! If I was exhausted now, she would have to be at least as exhausted. To the finishline, I sprinted the last uphill, totally ignoring the pain, only seeing the goal. I was so tired, I hardly could raise my arms. Happy as ever, but now I absolutely had no more left in the tank. 

I’m extremely happy, satisfied and thrilled with my performance!

I will return to training and racing, but now I’ll take a summerbreak mentally and physically.

Thanks for all the greetings, it means the world to me 🙂 Take care / Annika






3 Responses to “What a World Cup”

  1. Michael Auchenberg says:

    Håber på at kunne se dig køre én af løbene på et tidspunkt.. du er jo flyvende.. tænkt bare hvad næste sæson vil bringe 🙂 – god vind

  2. Savvas Anastasiou says:

    You are giving us a heck of a show this year!
    See you in Nove Mesto and Val di Sol wearing the “gay jersey” on the top of the podium 😉

  3. Juan says:

    You are following the steps of Kulhavy, you are my bet for the next season!

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