Preview 2012 London Olympic course

London 2012 preview from Thomas B on Vimeo.

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  1. Thomas Linddal says:

    Hej Annika, hvornår går kvalifikationerne i gang? jeg har set på team danmarks side at nogle sportsgrene allerede er i gang med kvalifikation 🙂

    og held og lykke!

    • annika says:

      Hej Thomas

      ( in english, so everybody understands )

      The Olympic qualification system is a little complicated, and I’ll try to explain. The full story can be found here:

      The qualification is based on each nations 3 best riders ( which are the 3 riders with the most UCI points). The UCI points are collected at the races: the better result you make, the more UCI points are rewarded. In a race like the World Cup, more riders earn more points, than in a small danish race, where fewer get less points. For example a world cup victory gives 250 UCI points, and a danish race win maybe 30 or 10 points.

      The points you collect only last a year. The world ranking are based on the UCI points. For the moment the sum of my points ranks me as number 10 on the world ranking. ( and that also decides my starting position at the world championships and other races)

      The sum of the UCI points of a nations 3 best riders will give the nation a ranking on the nation ranking list. For the olympic qualification, there are two deadlines: End of May 2011 and end of May 2012. At these deadlines, the nations place on the ranking list is important. Or more correctly the combination of the two rankings, because the nations ranked:

      Top 8 will get 2 riders at the Olympic Games
      Top 9 – 18 will get 1 rider.

      This means, that at the end of May 2012, I’ll know, whether Denmark will get a spot at the Olympic Games. Untill then, all I can do is ride my best to collect a lot of points. Since the qualification started, Denmark has been placed from 13th to 19th position. After each race, the ranking changes, so this is quite a dynamic and sometimes very unpredictable system. Of course, I’ll be thrilled to go to the Olympic Games, but if we don’t get the spot, I’m pretty relaxed about that too 🙂

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