European Championships

In Dohnany, Slovakia the European Championships were held this weekend. I had a good time in Slovakia and ended up number 15. Like the testrace in London the week before, this race was no highpriority race, due to more important goals later in the season.

The race itself was a tough deal. Due to training, I was not having the most fresh legs. That unfortunately are the conditions sometimes, in a season packed with races and travelling. The race consisted of 6 laps on a physical very demanding course. My start clearly told me, that I wasn’t well recovered or fresh, since I way too soon found myself far away from the front within no time after the gun went off!

From here I adjusted my pace, so that the juice in my legs would last the whole race. I fought my best and focused on keeping pace the best I could.

I really missed that good feeling of power in my legs, but Im sure, that will be there for the last races of the season. Next will be the world cup in Val di Sole, Italy. A course, I’m really looking forward to race again! See you 🙂


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