Broken Worldchampionships

Photo: Jake Orness

The World Championships are over, and so is the pacing-myself too! For three weeks I’ve been pushing on with a wornout mind and body with 2 broken ribs. The last couple of races have been like digging a hole under me deeper and deeper! Now, I’m changing strategy and pulling the plug to recover so I can start climbing towards the surface again before it’s too late

Since the WorldCup podium in Windham, where I finished third, my wheels haven’t been rolling properly. Preparations were supposed to get me ready for the World Championships and the last races of the season. Maybe things ( and results) would have gone in a different direction, if it wasn’t for a crash three weeks ago, where I smashed my ribs. Fact is, that I’ve been denying pain with painkillers, frustation and lack of selfconfidence and focus.

I hope, this episode has tought me a few things. I know, that this decline is unavoidable as an athlete ( as well as in life in general 😉 ). I don’t know, if I’m done racing this season. I know, it will take 3 – 5 weeks before the hurting ribs start fading. I prioritize my healing for the moment.

And for the World Championships – I just wasn’t able to race. After the first lap, my body was screaming – no, no, no, what are you doing?!?.. I was not riding, it felt like crawling along very stiff and cramped.

For the winner of the race, Catharine Pendrel, my deepest respect! No one deserved the rainbow jersey more. I will be joining next season 🙂

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  1. Marc says:

    It was a great experience meeting you here in CH Annika – hope you will have a speedy recovery and come back even stronger next year. You have our respect not only as a great athlete but also as a great person – good luck, looking forward to following you in the future.

  2. Peter Hesel says:

    Hi Annika
    Congratulations on a superb season. “Joining next season”, does that mean Team LUNA?
    mvh Peter Hesel

  3. Jan says:

    Anyhow, You have done well this season!!!

    Take a long well deserved r&r and start slowly up again when your ready.

  4. Ane Helene Langvad says:

    Er virkelig ked af at høre at VM ikke bliver til noget, men når det er sagt så hellere som du selv siger holde lidt igen for så at komme stærkere tilbage igen… Rigtig god bedring og håber snart at vi ses 🙂

    • annika says:

      Hej Ane!

      Tak, der er ikke så meget at gøre ved det. – andet end at se fremad 🙂

      Håber Martin og dig har det godt

      Kram A

  5. Michael Auchenberg says:

    Det er den rigtige beslutning og tænke mere langsigtet.. Du kommer endnu stærkere igen næste season med endnu mere beslutsomhed og stålvilje..

    Tror på dig 🙂

  6. Burcu "challenger" says:

    Dear Annika,

    It’s honour to be in the same team with you-a cyclist like you. I am truely sorry for you. But you did very well until now, I am sure as everybody – next season Will be better for you. Hope your ribs heal very quick and We race together again.

    Loves from Türkiye.
    A.Burcu “challenger” Balcı

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