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I listened to my gut feeling and just did some last minute changes for my 2012 season. Looking over my travelling and race scedule and my study plans, I though “ough, that’s going to be really tight!” My stubbornnes made me capable of combining the two things last spring, but I also think, that partly resulted in my being absolutely deadly tired the last half on the season. What I’ve also learned is, that biking at my level is not only about biking. Many things, events and focus on my person come with that. Till now, I haven’t had much energy to enjoy all that, but have more tended to see it as disturbing elements. I wan’t to make more room for that, sort of enjoying the “whole package”. I think, the skills I’ve collected, will help me find the balance between giving and drawing the line.Finally I wan’t to dedicate a special thank to the people helping me during my bikelife. First of all, to Kim G. Svendsen, an absolute legend and dedicated personality at the bike scene. He helps me with mechanical work. He himself have been cycling, been to all the biggest cycling events and also used to assist Henrik Djernis back in the days. Walking into his garage is concentrated rich history. He just has the touch for the equipement and that it quite comforting.

In less than a week, I’m off to La Santa, Lanzarote. My training so far this winter has been good. I’ve been combining trips on the road with mountainbiking and strenght training. A couple of days ago I rode one of the muddiest races so far. It was a x-duathlon race, where you combine trailrunning and mountainbike. It for sure made me appreciate those days, where the forest is dry and dusty.

Foto: Ganløse tri-center


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