A week in January

This week I’ve been living as a roadracer! Together with the danish U23 road boys I’ve been exploring literally every inch of the roads here on Lanzarote. Based at Club La Santa training has been very easy, since I only have to worry about training, eating and resting. I’ve even managed to almost read an entire book, which I can’t remember, when I last did. The U23 training is very organized. We ride in groups of 6, side by side, shifting at the front every 10th minute. We even have a support car behind us all the time. Very different from the mountainbike training I normally do, so please bear with me. I think this is makes an exellent base for my further training. The boys are very strong, so if you are interested in roadracing, my hint would be to watch out for them during 2012!

Statistics for the week say 774 km, 26 hours, 10.600 meters of climbing with my heart beating with average of 129 times pr. minute. Then add 1 tube of chamois creme ( for my butt), 1 flat tire, 1 sunburn, 4 times of chain lubrication, 2 new cables, a dead seagull and now you understand why I look forward to some action at the mountainbike races 😉


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