Goodbye Lanzarote

A little posing for the camera (Photo: Bob Foy)

Then I’m about to pack my suitcase and move out of the pleasant warm temperatures and back to cold Denmark. I’ve had a great time based at Club La Santa, but it will be great to get some home-feeling before taking off for Cyprus, where the first races of the season will be (the Sunshine Cup).

My training here has been a combination of miles on the road and some racemiles on the mountainbike. I took part of the 4 day Stage Race at Club La Santa, for adding some fun and intensity on the bike. I had a great race and the competition was really hard this year. With Sally Bigham and Adelheid Morath there was not much chance for slowing down the pace. We ended up racing really close and was it not for me escaping early on stage 2 and 4, there woulnd’t have been much of a chance for an overall win. The extreme wind and the fact that we raced along with the men certainly was decisive.

In Denmark, I will focus on recovering and being careful not catching a cold due to the low temperatures. Actually I haven’t seen any snow this winter yet, so I look forward to that 🙂 yeee!

Photo: Bob Foy

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