Back in the sunshine

Photo: Tatjana Dold

What a ride!.. Once again the bike feels light, the legs great, my team super. The season is now being kicked off here on Cyprus with the Sunshine Cup, first round of the cup today. I was pretty excited to see how my level would be among the other girls, who belong to the world’s top riders.

To make the story short, I won the race (for the third time in a row). Starting out and then realizing, that legs are just great, is like opening a great bag of candy. Well, I ate the whole bag and enjoyed every bit and piece. Only obstacle on the way was too aggresive rockriding, which ended up giving me a flat tire. Fortunately it happened just before entering the techzone, where Andi with the speed of light changed the wheel, so the accident didn’t cost me more than 20 seconds. Racing made fun, I’m hungry for more.

Just a few days ago I got my new Fuji bike. The geometry is a little different from the 2011 model, but only to the better. I’m adapting to it quite fast. The frontpart is higher, which gives better steering abilities both climbing and descending. I know, I’ll have a lot of fun with my Black/orange Beast throughout the season.

4 Responses to “Back in the sunshine”

  1. Michael Langvad says:

    Godt “gået” min pige. – Tilykke med den fine sæson start.

  2. Frank says:

    Mega stort tillykke, stolt af at være dansk og mtb’ er 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    Hej A, Stort tillykke med den flotte sæson start skal lyde herfra den sjællandske muld.
    Hvilket ambitionsniveau har du for de forskellig løb/turneringer du skal deltage i i år? og mere specifikt hvad med OL – skal vi komme til London?

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