Wildlife Worldcup

Photo: KZN Mountainbiking

The first big contest of the year, the World Cup #1 in South African Pietermaritzburg

After some great results on Cyprus, I had hoped to do better than an 18th place, which ended up being my result in Pietermaritzburg. I did my best on the day, so in that way, I’m happy about my performance. There was no more in my legs. Everytime I tried to push it a little more on the climbs, I really had difficulties to get my legs going afterwards. So my strategy turned out to get as smoothly and efficiently through each lap with what I had. Funny enough, I first started to feel a little stronger towards the end of the race. The course itself was a tough one and very much “either or”. Either very physical demanding fast singletrack / climbing or very tecnical stuff with big rocks and jumps. Just what world cup courses are supposed to be like – testing your skills and physic to the limit.

Photo: KZN Mountainbiking

This first world worldcup of the season however was a great awakener for me how high world cup level racing is. That’s why I look forward to the next one in Belgian Houffalize in the middle of April.

4 Responses to “Wildlife Worldcup”

  1. Nicolaj says:

    Hej Annika

    Har set løbet på nettet.Den så rimelig hård og teknisk ud bane, hvor mange højde meter var den per. lab?

    Godt kørt. 🙂


    • annika says:

      Hej Nicolaj

      Jeg kørte 932 højdemeter over de 5 omgange. Så altså knap 200m pr omgang (à ca. 5 km).

      Ja, den bane er en hård nød 🙂

  2. Bernhard says:

    Mid of march.., first worldcup,…..a good race with high technic-levels….well done! 🙂 Bernhard

  3. Dorthe Brandt says:

    Bliv du bare i Sydafrika de næste par dage. Sommervejret kommer vist først til DK om en uge…
    – Dorthe

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