Spring in Denmark

Ascending ( photo: Jesper FK, Aarhus 1900 mtb)

Amazing how scenario changes; one day finding myself in South Africa, then relaxing in Norway with some alpine skiing, a few days in Copenhagen, then Silkeborg and Slettestrand in the Northern part of Denmark. In between all this, I rode the Danish C2 race in Aarhus, enjoying racing on home turf for the first time since last year.

The race in Denmark was the first round of the SRAM liga ( national league in Denmark ) and people from both Norway and Sweden had found their way to Aarhus. In the female category though, only Danish women participated. For the Olympic qualification this was very conveniently, since the UCI-points would all add to our account.

Rikke Kornvig sprinting away ( Photo: Jesper FK, Aarhus 1900 mtb)

The start of the race was tough, since Rikke eagerly jumped away full power. I caught her wheel and followed up her starting speed, when we hit the trails. Looking over my shoulder, I wondered just how close this race was going to be?.. Being in the lead, I gave it my best, riding as fast as my power allowed. Some men passed me, but I couldn’t follow their speed. Instead I enjoyed the course, which was superfast and at the same time pretty tecnical with lots of loose ground cornering and steep ascends and descends, – all in perfectly dry conditions!

Outbalacing oxygen deficit ( photo: Mikael Bech Knudsen)

I ended up winning with in front of Helle Bachmann and Rikke Kornvig. In the upcoming worldcup in Houffalize Rikke will also be riding 🙂 So follow our adventures in Belgium..

Descending towards the lake ( Photo: Mikael Bech Knudsen)


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