Man or machine

The last three weeks have been somewhat different, than I imagined just a month ago. In many ways. It’s been a dejavue, a story, that I’ve tried before. The outcome this time feels right, which marks a change and a development.

When I broke my ribs during the Bundesliga race in Münsingen, I returned to Denmark to start recovering. What I’ve learned from last year is, that it makes absolutely no sense to push on full gas training and racing, when my body is not capable of it. Thanks to great support and treatments from doctors and physiotherapists from Team Danmark, my healing has run very well. For the first time, I’ve even got acupuncture treatments, which I can highly recommend. The the very best part of this process is, that I have made all the decisions myself, and have stuck to the strategy to prioritize the healing process and cutting everything else out. Especially cutting out the Heubach Bundesliga and events around the start of the Giro d’Italia in Denmark was pretty hard. On the upside, I’ve had more time with family, friends. At the end, it’s all about healing with love 🙂

My team have been completely supportive in my every decision, which I’m grateful for. A relaxed, confident and stress free environment means the world to me.

The last few days I’ve been on my mountainbike shredding some trails in the forest. Although feeling a bit rusty and less strong, it has been awesome. I think my companion made me forget all about possible rib pain.

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