I’m going to London this summer!

Wohooo! Now it’s finally official. After some pretty exciting lastminute points-hunting, we –  the Danish girls – managed to get a spot at the Olympic Games. Furthermore I’m the lucky one going!

Without help from especially Rikke Kornvig, Helle Bachmann and Michael Borup, this wouldn’t have happened. I owe you big time and will now proudly defend the red / white jersey in London 🙂

9 Responses to “I’m going to London this summer!”

  1. Bernhard says:

    ……is done! <3 Bernhard

  2. Anders Cort says:

    Fuldt fortjent – og tillykke

  3. Det har du absolut fortjent. Stort tillykke! Jeg glæder mig allerede til at se dig i aktion 🙂

  4. Armin van Hoogstraten says:

    Hello Annika, congratulations from the advanced sports team / FUJI. We are happy to have you in London on your FUJI bike.

  5. Line says:

    STORT tillykke Annika! SĂĄ fedt for dig..

  6. Rune says:

    Cool! Ser frem til at følge dig derovre!

  7. Klaus Preisler says:

    This is a whole lot of awesome, Annika!

    The huge improvements you’ve gone through the last 3-4 years has been amazing to witness. You looked sharp and balanced @ Pinseløbet. Hope all the best for your final prep for London.

    Rikke, Helle and Michael, I bow deeply to the sacrifice you’ve made to make this happen. Positive karma forever your way.

  8. Bjarke says:

    Det bliver så fedt at følge med herhjemme fra tillykke til dig og de andre hårdt kæmpende danskere. Fedt at i fik pladsen i hus!

  9. Dorthe Brandt Madsen says:


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