Bigwheeled hometurf surfing

Photo: Mikael Bech Knudsen

Riding the new wheelsize 29 inches ( instead of 26 inch ) has long been a dream of mine. Last week I had some trainingrides on my new bike and yesterday I got to test it at racespeed in Silkeborg

Photo: Mikael Bech Knudsen

It was all pure joy. I find it difficult to say, whether the larger wheelsize is an advantage or disadvantage. With the bigger wheels rollingspeed is greater, but the cornering and acceleration slower. Overall I think, that it is energysaving to ride on very uneven terrain with few sharp corners. Even though it is a little heavier uphill, the fact that it rolls better kind of compensate for that. I think I found the answer to the currently BIG question, 26 or 29 inches wheels: whatever makes you happier, is the right bike for you 😉

My next big goal is the race at the Olymic Games in London the 11th of August. Now I have some time to train including the last three rounds of the World Cup. Honestly I’m really dissapointed with my performance at the World Cup races this year so far. The reason being my second and third place at two of the World Cups last season. In my mind this level became “my standard level”, and anything below just failure. Silly as it sounds!.. At this level of racing it’s sometimes minor details, that decides whether you end up on the podium or finish 20th. On a good day with the right mental attitude, you can ride at the front. Going over the limit all the sudden you can loose many positions within no time. Well, my results this year have been hard to accept. I have the feeling of not really riding my potential fully. All I know, that with time, experience gives me more perspective on these obstacles, making them minor in the great picture. On the upside, I now know the importance of appreciating the great results when they arrive, which I until now have tented to take for given due to my relative short history in this sport.

Rainbowgirl ( Photo: Mikael Bech knudsen )

In a week, I’ll be riding another round of the Danish MTB Liga, which I’m currently leading. Untill then, putting in some hours of training 🙂

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  1. Michael Hoffmann says:

    God pointe mht. 26er eller 29 er, whatever makes YOU happier.
    Det er sikkert noget spons, men du skulle prøve noget andet end Schwalbe… så spiller 29er. F.eks. Maxxis eller Specialized!

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