Small bits of Mojo in Windham

Photo: Christine Knispel ( Team Fujibikes Rockets)

Today was another battle race, meaning battling with myself just to get through!.. Last week at the World Cup in Mt. Sainte Anne, Canada, it was also pure battle just to get through. I don’t feel like doing any more battling, I wan’t more racing. On the upside – today actually started as a race for me

Photo: Christine Knispel ( Team Fujibikes Rockets)


The course in Windham is on a mountainside, being a skiresort in the winter and mountainbiker’s playground in the summer. The course winds it’s way up to the top and from here, it’s more or less just down the hill to the start/finish. It’s physically a very tough course, and especially today, where the heat was really yet another factor to count in!

Last year I finished third in the WorldCup on this course, so my expectations were great. Also, I think my WorldCup races this year ( compared to last year ) have been pretty lousy, so today I just said to my self: ” Nothing to loose, just put the hammer down from the start!”.. So I did. Actually sitting right on the rearwheel on the front girls on the startloop and thinking ” h.. yeah!”.. We went into the course and began our climbing. Still I was at the front, riding in 6-7th position and feeling good…! But then, in a section with loose rocks in the sand, a rock hit my rearwheel, so it got really twisted. I tried to ride on, but the chain just jumped up and down the cassette, not finding any position, where I could really put force into it! Oh, no! This is SO not happening. A lot of girl passed me, and I knew, I just had to get to the top of the course, where the Shimano support could help me out. I had to run the last part to the feedzone and got a new wheel. At least my bike was now rideable! Thank you Shimano!

From there it was very difficult to find the pace again. I had lost countless spots and came through the lap in around 30iest position. From here, it was all about cathing up. I had no intentions abandoning the race at any time, so even though my Mojo had left, I knew that getting through would somehow pay off in the future. A race for the future and the rest of the season – which fortunately still contains some great raceopportunities.

Photo: Christine Knispel ( Team Fujibikes Rockets)

A little note – bad luck strikes anyone, anytime and even at the worst times. Today’s stongest racer, Georgia Gould, had superbly been leading the race with a good margin all way through. At the very last downhill to the finish, she just had to cruise to get her first ever WorldCup victory. Unfortunately she got a flat tire on the downhill, keeps on fighting bravely, riding her flat tire, only to be caught and passed by two riders with 50 meters to go!.. It must have been absolutely devastating. Well, I’m sure she’ll nail it sooner or later.


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