Happy New Year!

I wan’t to wish everybody a happy new year !

The season 2012 has finished, a very intense year has com to an end. It was a year of great expectations and emotional ups and downs. As the season evolved I slowly got more and more fed up about beeing injured and started doubting about my abilities. This clealy showed; my joy about racing slowly disappeared, and I constantly felt I was chasing my¬†toplevel, instead of accepting my actual level. Well, at least, that’s my own reflection on things. That things sometimes are really difficult to control or plan, really got stated, when I finished the season with defending my Marathon World Champion Title, beating a handful of women, who consistently had been among the world’s best the whole season! I was surprised, overwhelmed and happy! At the same time, I’m now a more wise rider in many aspects.

This endseason turnaround also made me consider my future Bike adventures. I started negatiations for a 2013 cooperation, which turned out to be an extremely energy consuming process with no result. I was very confused and sad about that. I decided to withdraw myself from the negotiations and saw a possibility to go “back to basics”. When it all comes down to it, what really drives me, is just being able to go out and train and have fun on my bike. At the same time, another option opened up. So, things are now slowly growing again. It’s small, local and solid setup, and I’ll soon let you all know more ūüėČ

Take care, and enjoy the Holidays

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