SRAM liga Varde

Full Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead

The SRAM Liga Race in Varde yesterday would be my last race on Danish ground for a while. Ahead waits a 3 week racing block: World Cup in Val di Sole, European Championship in Suisse and finally the World Championship on the Marathon distance in Austria

Since the last world cup in Nove Mesto, I’ve spend my time in Denmark training hard and studying for my exam coming up in two days. It’s been a hard task, where I’ve put the training/racing first and the studies in second row. Luckily from wednesday I can again put full focus on the bike world, which I look forward to. It’s been really difficult to find my focus in the books, where often I’ve either been worn out from training or have had my head full of bike related stuff. Luckily I’ve this time been joining up with Rikke and Julie from my school, which made the reading part a little easier 🙂

The race in Varde would be a good opportunity to get some race speed in the legs and also work on some race specific mental issues. Even though a local Danish race is hard to compare with a World Cup, it’s still a little step closer, than just regular training. So my goal for the race was to find “aggressive Annika” and maintain her presence all race long. I did my best to use every part of the couse to gain or maintain speed, which was a great focus. Especially when my legs were heavy and not very fresh on the day.

In the upcoming World Cup in Val di Sole next saturday I will bring her too!

podium Varde


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