wall of memories


It is now 1 week since my thumb got injured. Instead of ending season and throwing the towel, all focus is directed towards the two last races of the season, starting with time trial world championships. This morning Thomas spiced up breakfast with pictures of extremely emotional memories from some of my past races, which now decorate our kitchen entrance. So beside breakfast, I now also load on sweet memories

You can’t underestimate the feeling of those thrilling race moments, where body and mind work together and you cross the finishline high on adrenaline with goosebumps all over your body. I somehow think that it’s been a while since such moments, but that doesn’t keep me away from pursuing them.

The tricky thing about those unique race moments is, that you can’t order them on demand. You can only do your best in your mental and physical preparations in order to enhance the chance of a perfect race. Still that doesn’t give you 100% guarantee for a great outcome. I’m pretty sure, that if you could get a guarantee of a perfect race every time, you would never get those goosebumps crossing the finishline.

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