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My training buddies – Specialized Amira and Kurt Kinetic

So far, so good! Thumb is carefully wrapped and held in place, which allows me to ride on the Kurt Kinetic Indoor trainer and outside on the road. The weather is beautiful with lots of sunshine and really comfortable temperatures. The first small sign of autumn colors have already arrived in the nature, which reminds me, that the season is slowly coming to an end

The thing about training on the roadbike the entire time is, that is it so much easier to monitor and follow changes in my day-to-day shape and level of tiredness. Well, maybe it is because I only have a powermeter on my roadbike and not on my mountainbike. Today it’s friday, and since sunday, I’ve had continuously great training days. Yesterday I went for a 3 hours ride in the road, and I could feel, that the previously day’s efforts really have had it’s toil on me and the last hour in headwind made me feel like a snail. I feel, that shape is going in the right direction. In the morning I often wake up really early, which often happens, when I’m in a good training rhythm. As soon as I’m awake my whole body starts going and wants to get up. Mostly it’s because I’m also really hungry as well. This morning I actually woke up in the middle of a dream searching for cake. I was distracted by some teenagers, who had dropped a mobile phone on the ground, which had splintered into to pieces. I had to help them collect all the pieces, since I was the only one who saw where the sim card landed. Well, unfortunately I woke up, before I got to collecting the cake. But real life breakfast wasn’t bad either!

Today it will be an easy day training wise, since I need to regain power in my legs and also to get some freshness in my mind, which is necessary to once again push my limits. In a little while, I will leave for a roadtrip across the country¬†to visit my parents in Silkeborg. Since I now have a weekend with no travel, I’m finally able to pay them a visit. My little brother will join me too, so it will be a pure family get togehter

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  1. A says:

    Can see you forgot to return your Fuji bike ūüôā
    Good luck at the time trial championship…

    • annika says:

      Thanks! The Fuji in the background is a special bike. It’s the one, that I won the Marathon Worldchampionships with last year and it has a special Olympic design, so it is unique in many ways

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