Speeding up

danish champ TT


The time trial world championship is just around the corner. I’m excited! Last week had a bit of drama though..

To optimize my Shiv TT for riding with my right hand still healing up from the thumb dislocation, we decided to mount hydraulic brakes in order to get better braking performance. When we put the bike in the car to go the mechanic, the bike slipped and hit the edge of the trunk. Anyone who has ever heard the sound of carbon breaking knows how the sound just cuts right into your soul! After a fews seconds of complete silence I started to freak out, while Thomas coped in a different and more rational way, trying to calm me down and think clearly. We took off to the mechanic at the DaVinci Bike store. Luckily things sorted out pretty quick thanks to DaVinci and we could get a superfast and great service at a Carbon-Rep. Now the frame is bright and shiny just like when it came out of the box. Amazing work!

I’m starting to get in some intense training on the Shiv. Last week though I had many days, where I just felt tired and exhausted and now able to put much power in the pedals. I got really frustrated. When I for a longer period feel exhausted and not able to train hard, I feel like I’m waisting my time and often forget to see things in a greater picture. Luckily I feel, that some rest makes me gain force.

Thomas is taking part in a science project as a test person and has to do a time trial tomorrow. I will go with him and ride the time trial as well, and use this opportunity to train a race-like situation. But for now – I’m off to the doctor to get a check on my hand. Friday I will be leaving for Florence 🙂

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