Nobby tires in the fight against cancer

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With some help from the organizers behind the largest mountain bike cup in Denmark and a great bunch of female mountainbikers in Denmark we managed to give a donation to the fight against cancer

It all started with lack of space in my closet and basement due to the accumulation of several seasons of biking clothing. Instead of just throwing it away, I asked the organizers behind the mountain bike cup (for women only) Heels on Wheels, if they were interested in becoming all the clothing. Shortly after the idea came up about selling the clothing at the race venue and donating the money for charity.


Alice doing a great job giving my gloves a new owner

I am proud of being able to add just a small bit to the fight against cancer, and I want to thank the organizers behind HeelsOnWheels as well as the cool danish female mountain bikers for making it possible

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