Sun shines

2014-02-07 12.05.19

(sunglasses will be a hit this year)


Finally my batteries are once again charged. Since my last blog, a lot has been going on while at the same time I only had limited energy. The dark cold winter in Denmark absolutely drained me. I was kind of caught by surprise by the fact of how little I actually managed to fit into my everyday life and found it hard to lower my expectations on my efficiency. Well, I guess most people deal with situations like that sooner or later.

I somehow got through until end of january, where I had the last exams at school. I tried to be super sharp on my priorities and concentrated on quality training and reading. I got through both the exams and the training – even though it wasn’t always easy not to fall asleep over the books after a hard training. I knew it would be for a limited period only, and therefore did my best. It was (and is) hard to lower my ambitions on the school, since I know, that I’m good at that too, but simply just hasn’t got the time for it right now. I constantly remind myself, that it is impossible to do both at high level: studying and being an elite athlete. When being at school, I’m constantly asked the same questions: “So, when will you finish your education and how long are you now?” It is difficult not to be influenced by that. For 2014, I therefore take time off from school to do what I love the most: being a cyclist. When it comes down to it, that’s what makes me happy and especially now, when I’m part of the World’s best setup at Specialized Racing, there’s not much doubt. It is going to be awesome and especially also to have the time to just relax.

After the last exam in january, I went off to Gran Canaria on training camp. What a treat! I had two great weeks of training and even though the training was hard, I feel completely reloaded afterwards. Now I just enjoy time off back in Denmark, while countdown to my next journey is running. This year I once again will be going to Cyprus for training and racing the stage race of the Sunshine Cup. I’m really looking forward to that and since my motivation is high, the keyword will be “holding back the horses”, since the highlight of the season will come later during the summer.

Since I once again have the luxury of riding the full equipment from Specialized, the trip to Cyprus will be the first real test of my new bike, the S-Works Epic World Cup edition.

2014-01-28 14.53.46


I’ve never ridden a full suspension bike like that! It combines the smooth feeling from the Rumor I’ve ridden this winter, with the lightness and aggressiveness of the Fate. I’m so excited to test the bike on the upcoming World Cup courses and I know, that also riding the Cape Epic with this beauty will be a true blessing. Bonus information: Both Ariane Kleinhans ( my partner for the Cape Epic ) and me will be riding the S-works Epic.

I hope you all have a great time and get well through winter!

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