Season 2014, part 1


Please buckle up (photo: Michal Cerveny)

The World Cup in Albstadt is dusted and done. I’m now back in Denmark for a little break after the first part of the season. Next race on the radar for me will be the Marathon World Championships at the end of June.


Crossing the finish line in a solid 8th position (photo: Michal Cerveny)

It has been a stellar first part of the season. I’ve enjoyed every single moment. Now and then, when I take a look at my S-Works Epic, I get a little bit sentimental by the thoughts of the all moments I’ve already had with that bike. I made the transition from the hardtail bike to the Epic (full suspension) in february this year with the stage race Cape Epic in sight. Somewhere along this long journey I grew into a close relationship with the bike, so when I hit the world cup races and I hadn’t had time or opportunity to ride on the hardtail, I therefore stuck to the bike I knew so well. Trust is everything and the results speaks for themselves. Pure top 10 results at the world cup races including a podium finish and victories in several international races.

Being back home now is good. I have had some days completely without bike, which helps loading mentally for the upcoming training. Thomas and I will spend some time at my parents place in Silkeborg, which is located in a part of Denmark with the best terrain for training on and off road. I’m so excited.

The World Cup race in Albstadt feels a little bit like a blur to me now. I can’t really range it at any end of the scale. When the startgun went off, I gave absolutely everything I had to the finishline, gasping for air at the top of every climb. It felt like I just couldn’t give it the little last bit, which I normally can, when I’m at my best. In that perspective, I’m very satisfied with the race.

Take the picture tour below:


(Photo: Michal Cerveny)


Photo: Michal Cerveny


(Photo: Michal Cerveny)


(Photo: Michal Cerveny)


Rico declaring his love. Still not sure, whether the bike turned down his proposal (photo: Michal Cerveny)

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