World Cup Wrap Up

Specialized Racing - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #7 Méribel /FRA/ Front row waving to the camera on the start line

Time flies by and already the World Cup season is over. An amazing week in the thin air of Méribel (France) included an 11th spot at the World Cup Final and an overall 8th position in the World Cup Series despite sitting out one round.

I went into this season aiming for top ten results at the World Cup Races. I fulfilled this goal way over my expectations including two podium finishes. I’ve had a stellar season in every aspect. I’ve been able to benefit from and trust my ever growing pool of experience, which have not only lead to great racing, but also to an increase in self confidence.

At this weekend’s last race in Méribel I didn’t feel as “sharp” as I wished. I’ve had some great discussions with my boyfriend, who when it comes to training and racing is a pure physiologist. I sometimes tend to look at my physique in the light of my state of mind and feelings. That’s why is great to have someone to challenge my self-invented ideas. Fact is, that racing at 1500 metros above sea level does influence you and shouldn’t be underestimated.

That being said, I still managed to race the best I could. I kept my speed pretty consistent, I was even able to go a little faster towards the end of the race. The course was challenging in the way, that it took long time in training to get the lines dialed. I had the feeling, that for every lap I did, new lines had occurred. That often happens in the days leading up to a race, but this time it was to a greater extend. It was great to have good teammates to explore the lines with and the day before the race, we all had our ideas on how to ride the course. In fact the most crucial thing was to accept, that the key to success was to not get influenced or thrown out of race rhythm if you had to dap a foot or even disembark the bike, which seemed inevitable for everybody.

Specialized Racing - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #7 Méribel /FRA/

Rocky terrain

Specialized Racing - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #7 Méribel /FRA/

Stunning view

Specialized Racing - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #7 Méribel /FRA/

Last crusial stretch along the river to the finish line

Specialized Racing - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #7 Méribel /FRA/

Brand new design of our women specific full suspension bike (S-works Era29’er)

I choose to ride on the Era with the rocky and rooty terrain in mind. Also, the World Championships is just two weeks away now, and the course probably suits the full suspension bike quite well (I didn’t race in Norway last year due to a dislocated thumb).With that in mind, this race was also a great opportunity for me to get some time riding at race speed on the Era. I rode the Era the very first time at Marathon World Championships almost two months ago. In Méribel I switched to a frame a size smaller (now riding a size M), since for cross country races, this bike is more easy to get around corners and faster to maneuver.

On sunday I will race in Denmark (Kolding) as a final preparation for the World Championships in Norway.



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