Let’s end it the way we started

World Championships did not go the way, I’d hoped. I had the slowest race of my season, which just felt awful from the start to the finish. It feels pretty lame not to be able to “race the race”, but just play a secondary role in a race,  especially since I’ve been racing more at the front of the races all season long. Well, never mind. I’ve had my best season ever, and that motivates me to come back strong again next year. That demands a proper off-season, which is the reason why, I’ve decided to skip my planned participation in the Cape Pioneer in october. Last year that race fitted perfectly into my season, since I was out with an injury at the beginning of september. This year the situation is very different, where I’ve been on the top of my game more or less since march.

Still my participation in the Swiss Epic in on. My partner will be Ariane Klainhans (my partner from the Cape Epic) and I can’t think of a better way of ending the season – with some sweet trail cruising

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