On the right track


Jumanji gave his best keeping me hydrated, tuning my bike and rally-car driving to make it to the next feed zone



There’s no way I could have asked for a better way to start my season!

First race of the year is done and dusted. The race was a 4-day stage race on Cyprus, which I’ve done several times before and it’s a place that always fills me with great feelings and good memories. Coming from the dark, wet, cold and sometimes uninspiring training in Denmark, I love entering the Cypriot sun and the sweet trails.


The lineup for the final stage


This year the field once again was tightly packed with the European top names, but I proved to have just a little bit more in the tank than the rest. A truly amazing feeling. Especially it was awesome to take a solid victory on the final day, which had the format of a normal xco race. It clearly shows, that I’m on the right track for the Cape Epic, which is a grueling 8-day South African stage race just around the corner.


Racing on the Era was a pleasure. It’s super fast both up- and downhill


Drink up! A flat tyre on the third day saw me racing hard to diminish the time loss in the overall classification. I kept the yellow jersey!


Stunning scenary


Yes! Made it!

Countdown to the Cape Epic has begun!





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