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Happy New Year to all of you!

Admitted, there hasn’t been much activity on my blog lately. The last couple of seasons I’ve been paying more attention to posting on my different Social Media, which then slowly became a substitute for my blog. That then further lead to the fact that a more in-depth description of what’s going on in my life would lack. Sadly. Let’s be honest, Social Media doesn’t do the job when it comes to telling the whole story. There’s a limit to how many details you can give on an Instagram post. That, as well as the fact, that it can be quite intimidating to make an Instagram post, that differs dramatically from the majority of polished pictures you’ll find there. Still, Social Media can be quite addictive once you find a good rhythm and you start getting a lot of immediate response on your posts. How many likes can you get within the first minute, 10 minutes or hour after posting. Once you get started, you just keep going. I see many similarities between this hunt for likes and a big box of candy.

Anyway, I thought I wanted to take up blogging again. Now it’s said (or more correctly, put down in letters), so pressure’s on, hehe. My main motivation for taking up blogging actually is, that I recently found out, that I’ve started struggling reading the subtitles on series and movies. I sometimes simply don’t make it through the text before they swap on to the next subtitle. As I see it there could be three reasons for this: 1. I need glasses. 2. They’ve started talking more on tv and therefore subtitles are longer and shown for a shorter amount of time. 3. My brain is slowly undergoing a meltdown due to inactivity.

The third reason could be caused by the fact, that at the moment I have no schoolwork to entertain or challenge my brain. Last winter I had some schoolwork next to cycling, but this winter I don’t. So, I’ve decided to keep my brain and word skills fresh by blogging more this year.

Well, let’s get to the intended content of this post. I am recently in Denmark, but just on the edge of going abroad. The main change in the Langvad/Bonne setup for 2016 will be, that Thomas (my boyfriend) will be a part of my cycling life in a way he hasn’t been before. Some of you might know, that he already has been with me a lot, also at races, but still we have many many days apart, which isn’t always beneficial for anything. So in fact Thomas selflessly gave up focussing on his own job this year in order for us to be able to spend more time together (and yes, one day I’ll be paying that back big time, hehe). On the other hand, he’s up for a season of adventures and lot of time on the bike. And for those of you that might wonder if he can keep up with me on a bike, the answer is yes! In fact, I’m pretty sure, that he always will be annoyingly fast on a bike.

Our first adventure this year will go to the southern part of Germany (near Bodensee, Lindau). We aim at finding something more permanent to live in throughout the season and therefore will go check out a few options in South Germany. After a couple of weeks there, we’ll spend a few weeks on Tenerife and then there will be a camp with my team in South Africa before we hit the World Cup season. So as you see, there’s a lot ahead. All for now, I’ll be back.

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