Tenerife was amazing. Mostly because my everyday life was all about training and resting. Now I’m back in Denmark for a very short visit, with very restricted time on my bike and very much time doing other things in life, such as moving.

Going from sunny conditions on Tenerife straight to Copenhagen was quite a transition. Not so much because of the surroundings and the weather, but mostly because I went from only having to only think about my training and resting during a normal day to having to pack and move our apartement in only two days. And that coming of a heavy training block, where you actually mostly need to rest. Never the less, some things in life you just can’t plan ideally (or actually, that counts for a lot of things in life). Thomas did a HUGE job moving our stuff, in order to spare me a little. Even though the tension level between us would go into the red due to both of us being very much out of our comfort zones, we’re now more or less well settled here in our new place in Copenhagen.

Now you might ask yourself, why moving just now? Well, yes, good question! Especially since the new apartment is very similar to the old one and doesn’t really give us more in ways of being beneficial to our life style. The main reason actually is, that downstairs at our old place we had a maniac harassing us constantly the last couple of years and slowly it began to accelerate very much. He would send us very aggressive letters with all kind of threats and recently he would start talking about killing us. Well, we just wanted to get out of that. If you have the guts, you’ll find one of the latest “love letters” below:


As for now, we only have a couple of days left here in Denmark before leaving for South Africa. I’m very much looking forward to that. The week, that I had here in Denmark between Tenerife and South Africa has been super stressful, since I had to cram in a lot of activities. On top of that, it’s surprisingly hard mentally having to live your life between to apartments. You constantly search for your stuff and haven’t really found a new daily routine. Luckily everything starts to settle now.

In South Africa there will be a team training camp and also I’ll do some racing, especially with main focus on Cape Epic. This year, I’ll once again take on the challenge of that race with Ariane. All for now, have a great day out there!

5 Responses to “Transition”

  1. Claus Jacobsen says:

    I know it’s difficult and you just want to get on with your life, but please do deliver those letters to the police. That is a really mentally disturbed person.

    • annika says:

      We actually went to the police with a whole stack of his letters, but they can’t / won’t do anything about. Also, as long as he pays the rent on time the housing company can’t throw him out. It’s very sad, but he’s one of those people in our society that nobody pays attention to and therefore is kind of lost.

  2. Marius Serb says:

    Come on…admit it.You were jealous his bicycle is brand new and cooler than your’s and that’s why you dismantled the brakes. :))).

  3. Michael Langvad says:

    Happy for you & Thomas out of that physiologic stress from that maniac below – congratulation!
    Wish the best in You in Cape Epic :-))

  4. Diego Cerquettini says:

    Ciao annika, è bellissima la tua città .
    Sono qui a Copenhagen con la mia compagna e un gruppo di amici ci è piaciuta molto molto ci siamo divertiti! Ti auguro tantissima felicità e di coronare i tuoi sogni sportivi e della vita!!!

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