World Champion Bike and Equipment

For World Championships this beauty was build up and ready to race. Take the tour below to see all details and personal preferences in my setup.

Annika VM cykel

My World Championships bike, the S-works Era. Total weight 10.34 kg (on my scale at least).

Annika VM cykel-3

My legs turned the new SRAM XX1 Eagle crank. For this race I rode a 32T chainring. That allowed my to have small enough gears for the climbs, while at the same time having high enough gears for an eventual sprint finish (this time not necessary). With the XX1 I would normally switch between a 30 and 32-tooth chainring depending on the course. In Albstadt for example I rode with a 30 tooth due to the steep climbs. With XX1 Eagle I just keep the 32 tooth on the front.

Annika VM cykel-4

A lot of gold. At first sight the new 12 speed SRAM XX1 Eagle cassette is HUGE! But with a range from 10 to 50 teeth the cassette covers all needs. Honestly I’m surprised with how well the shifting runs. Also, now a normal XX1 cassette even looks small to me.

Annika VM cykel-5

I ran the new S-works Renegade (gripton compound) rear. It rolls extremely well while at the same time having excellent grip. At marathon Worlds I rode the same tyre with 22 psi. There I flatted when I attacked a rocky descend maybe a little to aggressive. So for the race in Nove Mesto I rode this tyre with 24 psi just to feel more safe not to flat. I don’t know the exact weight of the tyres but I think they are somewhere in between the current S-Works and Control. These Gripton have a harder casing like the regular Control tyres but with a softer and lighter thread like the S-Works.

Annika VM cykel-15

The new S-works Renegade thread pattern. It rolls extremely well and have a lot grip. Normally I would ride with a Fast Trak front and rear but this one has been on my rear wheel ever since we got them.

Annika VM cykel-6

Last year 2 days before the Cape Epic I tried out the Power saddle (155mm). I was hooked immediately since I struggled a lot with saddle sores. Actually I came out of the Cape Epic a whole lot better “down there” than when entering the race and that says a lot about the comfort and fit of this saddle. I actually didn’t think I would use it for xco racing, since it’s a little wider than I was used to. I was worried that it would be “in the way” when moving around on the bike, but by now I’m so used to this saddle, that it’s the only one I use no matter what race or what bike.

Annika VM cykel-7

This is one of the Jumanji areas, where he upgraded the bike with some light weight “bling bling”, in this case the custom made seat clamp (Carbon-Ti)

Annika VM cykel-8

Another Jumanji light weight “bling bling” upgrade. Top cap and bolt with name (Carbon-Ti)

Annika VM cykel-16

….aaaannd another lightweight “bling bling” upgrade, the seat clamp (Carbon-Ti)

Annika VM cykel-9

When I got my first Specialized full-suspension bike in the spring of 2014 (S-works Epic) it came with a 72 cm wide handlebar. At that time I was on my way to a training camp and didn’t have other handle bars. I came from a S-works Fate with a handlebar much more narrow. During the training camp I kind of fell in love with the 72 cm handlebar, so ever since then this has been the width that I’ve been riding. The green grips have become a regular on my bike. Jumanji says it’s the color of hope. They’ve worked well so we’re keeping them on.

Annika VM cykel-10

My front tyre was the new S-works Fast Trak tyre 2.1. At first look you don’t see the difference from the current Fast Track tyre, but the side knobs are a little different and provides a better side grip.

Annika VM cykel-13

SRAM Level Ultimate brakes. Light weight and gets the job done

Annika VM cykel-11

SRAM Level Ultimate. In comparison to the SRAM Guide that I rode previously the whole brake package is lighter but works just as good.

Annika VM cykel-12

Rock Shox RS1 fork with Specialized’s brain technology. The fork is a little heavier than the Rock Shox SID fork, but the stiffness and performance of the RS1 is hard to beat. (My fork was set up with 80 psi pressure and the rebound midway between fast and slow). At first a wheel change seems much more difficult than with a SID but if a Formula 1 team can change four wheels on a car in less than 10 seconds we can also make a fast change for a front wheel on a bike. It’s something we’ve practised on the team and now there’s not any difference regardless of fork/wheel combination.

Annika VM cykel-18

Fox rear suspension with Specialized’s Brain technology (100 mm travel). Setup with 125 psi pressure and the rebound 2/3 to the slow side between fast and slow

Annika VM cykel-19

The Brain that controls it all. I can’t control my suspension (open or closed) from the cockpit on the handlebar as seen on other bikes. The reason being this little guy that detects the bumps on the ground and open the suspension accordingly when needed

Annika VM cykel-2

I’ve been riding Shimano pedals pretty much ever since I started biking except for one season. I love the feeling of these pedals. In my opinion it’s one of the most durable and reliable pedals on the market. I even use the same pedals on my road bike. Then I can wear the exact same shoe and have identical cleat position, which to me makes sense.

Annika VM cykel-20

For the first time I used the new Oakley RadarEV with the Prizm Golf lens. These glasses are very light, you barely feel them. That is also thanks to the none existing frame. Nothing to disturb vision and ventilation is excellent

sworks 6 xc women

The S-works 6 XC Shoe. In this case the women specific one. It is lighter than the previous models, since they took the upper part from the road shoe and build it on the mtb bottom. Quite clever. The fit of shoes is always individual, but luckily these fit my feet just perfect. Putting the road top on the mtb bottom has made my feet very happy.

Her's Chamois Butt'r

This blog should not be about my issues “down there”, but what for sure safes my popo is this stuff applied in rich amounts

7 Responses to “World Champion Bike and Equipment”

  1. Marius says:

    I like how clean the handlebar looks. No shifter for the front, no button to lock or unlock the suspension. Just the brakes and a rear shifter.
    A grip shifter would make it look even cleaner.
    I allso use XTR pedals and i have the same pedals for the last 4 years and not problems.
    Awesome bike but the color scheme is kinda dull. You should ask for a custom paint job.?

  2. Dayse Santos says:

    Very nice, Annika! I’ve been a fan for some years and I got very happy with your tittle! Stor tillykke! Thank you for sharing this! And specially mentioning the issues “down there”. I struggled with saddle sores as well and now I think I find the best set up… I’m also using the Power saddle (MTB is my discipline) and the same chamois cream. Hahaha! Nice to know that the pros are humans too!

  3. Jan Thorsen says:

    Annika thanks for sharing your setup, the bike is very sexy and when you are done with the Olympics you can throw it my way anytime. Good luck for the Olympics and we will all be routing for you here in Cape Town.
    Held og lykke til dig og Simon i Rio som repræsenterer for Danmark

  4. Sofia says:

    Hi Anneka!! Im so happy because you are now the #1 favorite to win the Gold Medal in The Olimpics Games at Rio. Im your fan since you won whom i considered the stronger female mtb cyclist on the eart, in the world Championship rise. .. It was a landslide victory and you really impressed me. Really you’re now the #1 and I’m sure you will do very well in Rio so keep with the willpower to achieve your goals and Thank you for being such a fresh, enthusiastic and so beautiful smile girl… and super cool mtb girl ?. I speak Spanish but a translator can do everything ?. Greetings from America !! Hugs.

  5. Stefan says:

    Hi Annika,

    I am wondering which tyres are you using for wet or muddier conditions in compétions or training. I am quite happy with the sworks fast trak on front and rear for dry conditions but not so much when it’s wet.
    Wish you a good winter season with good training. Hopefully not to wet.


    • annika says:

      Hi Stefan, I use the fast trak for most dry and wet conditions. Sometimes I use Ground Control on my front wheel in wet conditions

  6. Benny Nissen says:

    Hej Annika,

    Først at alt, Du er super god:)
    Jeg har lige et par tekniske spørgsmål som jeg håber du vil svare på.
    Min cykel er en S-Works Epic FSR WC 2015 og mine km. ligger mellem 8 og 10.000 om året.
    Her til sommer skal jeg køre TransAlp Challenge og har lidt udfordringer med mine dæk valg.
    Lidt info vedr. nuværende setups.
    Til diverse xco løb i DK, såsom DGI cuppen og lign. køre jeg S-Works Renegade bag og og S-Works Fasttrack for. Til xcm løb fasttrack control for og bag. Dette fungere fint:)I dækkene har jeg No Zisch.
    Nu er Specialized så kommet med de nye dæk med Gripton gummi og nyt knop design som får meget gode anmeldelser. Men læser også at der kun benyttes 60 tpi casing. Det giver jo et stivere dæk.
    Jeg tænker at pga. de voldsomme udfordringer i TransAlp Challenge. Vil jeg have det mest stabile dæk, men samtidig skal de jo også være ok hurtige, smidige og ikke mindst have en stærk side. Til dårligt vejr har jeg Ground Control med til for.
    Håber du kan guide mig imod det rigtige dækvalg med din store erfaring indenfor maraton racing.
    Med venlig hilsen
    Benny Nissen

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